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About Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks (stock code: 002396) is a leading network solution supplier of China. We focus on customer benefits and strive to improve the network application experience of our customers through continuous technological innovation. Ruijie Networks provides end-to-end network solutions for telecom carriers, financial services, government agencies, education and enterprises to create values for customer networks.

Ruijie Networks has 38 branches with sales and service covering Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Currently, we have more than 3,100 employees, of which 1,600 are R&D engineers working in five R&D centers located in Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Tianjin.

Ruijie Networks is the only company of data communication to be certified as an innovative enterprise in China. Every year, 15% of sales income is invested in R&D, and 30% of R&D funds in high-tech pre-research. In 2000, Ruijie Networks introduced the first domestic-made modularized switch and the full suite of gigabit switches, which promotes the successful rise of indigenous network brands in China. In 2011, Ruijie Networks rolled out China's first cloud-computing data center switch family, which makes Ruijie Networks a pioneer on the cloud-computing network platform. With continuous improvement on the innovative road of independent R&D, Ruijie Networks leads and promotes the development of cutting-edge network technologies in China.

Ruijie's Solutions

  • BYOD
  • Data Center Switch
  • i-Share Wireless
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Lab
  • Retail