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i-Share Wireless

Today, wireless networks have been widely adopted by college dormitories, hospitals, and hotels. Wireless devices are mainly installed by two approaches: traditional-mounted or indoor distribution. The traditional-mounted features with high performance and simple deployment, but bad indoor signals and severe signal interference between APs hindered the network usability. Indoor distribution features with good signals and roaming, but its deployment is complicated and with low performance. As a result, wireless network deployment has always been a technical problem.

In order to tackle this problem, Ruijie Networks has launched the i-Share Wireless Solution which integrated both advantages of traditional-mounted and indoor distribution for dormitories, hospitals, and hotels. This solution can meet the requirements for better signal coverage, higher performance, easier deployment, and better aesthetics.

  • Intelligent Indoor Distribution AP

    The AP has a built-in software power divider, to implement 1:6 deployments. Each AP can save three power dividers, three couplers, and three jumper wires for users. Users no longer require to maintain the components installed on ceilings, which are hard to be managed.

  • Ultra-Slim Antenna

    The ultra-slim antenna may be the smallest WLAN antenna in the world. Its size is as small as a coin where it is suitable for wall-mounted and can be hidden easily. It is suitable for the hotel rooms and hospital wards that have a high demand for aesthetics.

  • Strong Signal for Full Coverage

    The innovative i-Share wireless technology enables a single AP to cover six rooms without dead zones. The traditional solutions are very hard to provide full signal coverage in dormitories, washing rooms of hospital wards, and suites of hotels. With i-Share Wireless Solution, full signal coverage can be supported in the mentioned scenarios.

  • The Only Saving a Wireless Channel
    • The i-Share Wireless Solution innovatively adopts the dual-channel technology, which can save one 2.4Ghz-frequency channel for each user. A 2.4Ghz frequency contains only three channels that are not interfered with each other.
    • By freeing up one wireless channel, it becomes possible to accommodate two WLANs system in one place, especially in the environment where the WLANs of operators and end-users coexist.

  • Six Times Faster Access Rate
    • The dual-core radio frequency card provides the access rate of up to 300 Mbps.
    • The performance of the i-Share Wireless Solution is six times higher than that of the G-type indoor distributed system and twice higher than that of the N-type indoor distributed system.
    • The air-time fairness (ATF) technology improves the network access experience among different types of terminals in wireless networks with many end-users. The ATF enables all end users to obtain the same timeslot resources regardless of the N-type or G-type terminal, so that all end-users can have the fair network access experience.

  • Superior Low Interference Capability
    • The latest RRM technology can automatically adjust the power among the antennas, so that the signal strength for each room is guaranteed and does not interfere neighboring rooms.
    • The interference improvement before and after the intelligent distributed system is very significant.