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3-in-1 Smart Retail Solution

Ruijie Networks 3-in-1 Smart Retail Solution integrated wired, wireless, security strengthened network, and unified management to enhance the competitiveness of retail business.

Create Values, Increase Competitiveness
By deploying Ruijie 3-in-1 Smart Retail Solution, owners of retail business can achieve the following objectives:
  • Productive Employee
  • Secure Data
  • Cost Effective
  • Simple Management
  • Qualities Control
  • Connected Customers
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Efficient System
Products and Solutions:
  • Ruijie 3G Resilient Routing Solution

    Ruijie 3G Resilient Routing Solution based on RG-RSR10-02E is tailored for remote branches access needs, such as retail outlets. Its superior performance and high reliability perfectly fits for real time business monitoring in retail industry nowadays.

    • 2-in-1 router and switch blended device
    • Always on secure access between HQ and branches
    • Proven and highly resilient 3G backup solution
    • Supports all kinds of data, voice and video-based applications
    • Real-time update for mission-critical Point-of-Sale (POS) data for fast business judgment

  • Ruijie Gigabit Ethernet Switches

    Ruijie Gigabit Ethernet Switches provides high speed, high reliability and high efficiency network:

    • Complete end-to-end solution from core to access layer
    • Supports Ruijie’s CPP & NFPP technology to protect CPUs from being abused and attacked
    • Full Layer 3 network design for simple management and operation
    • Green solution – fanless design to eliminate the hassle of cleaning and replacing the cooling fan
    • Environment friendly – All switches are RoHS compliant

  • Wireless Access

    Ruijie Next Generation Wireless Solution equips with RG-AP530 the industry leading 24-array X-Sense antenna (Ruijie patented technology) to provide superior performance and coverage:

    • Industry first 802.11ac AP with up to 1750M throughput
    • Up to 16.7M antenna selection paths
    • Supporting both 2.4G and 5G wireless modes
    • Wedge-shape design for better aesthetics in store
    • Dynamic signal strength tuning – providing more coverage for mobile devices

  • Integrated Security

    Ruijie EasyGate Internet Security Gateway provides professional flow control, excellent URL filtering, and localized log storage/audit services while ensuring efficient forwarding of network traffic.

    • Guarantee cloud-based applications performance used in store
    • Equipped with Deep Packet Inspection Engine(DPI)
    • Embedded with huge URL database
    • Free life-time signature update

  • Guest authentication by using QR Code

    Guest authentication by using SMS account request
  • Unified Management

    Ruijie BYOD Solution based on RG-SMP platform supports unified management for wired, wireless and secure remote access.

    • User-friendly login page for all device platforms
    • Ruijie’s unique Seamless Authentication offers highly secure while easy-to-use user authentication
    • Save huge amount of working time without sacrifice security level
    • Support guest authentication by using both QR code or SMS account request
    • RG-SMP supports interoperability with all typical directory service systems

  • Ruijie Smart Network Commander

    Ruijie Smart Network Commander (RG-SNC) provides IT admin the ease of implementing, maintaining, and managing devices remotely.

    • Centralized management system with informative dashboard.
    • Features topology and multi-view monitoring.
    • Provides real-time and historical performance statistics
    • Support proactive SMS alert