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Networks Lab Solutions

Introduction to Ruijie Networks Lab Solutions

Ruijie Networks, as the No.1 education networking solution provider in China, we’ve been providing networking infrastructure and ICT training solution to more than 2000 universities. Since the first generation networking lab solution launched ten years ago, Ruijie Networks has taken the lead in the network lab development to the fourth generation. There are two main networking lab solutions, namely: X-Lab and Dragon Lab.

  • X-Lab

    The Next Generation ICT Lab Training Platform for Teaching
    The X-Lab is a networking lab management system specially designed for universities to carry out networking class and providing One-Stop Lab Training Service included equipment, course management, teaching materials, instructor training and technical support service.

    X-Lab Solution Highlights:

    1. Hassle-Free training System
      • Web interface
      • Distance Learning
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Automatic resource allocation
      • Automatic configuration recovery

      The special “one-click-reset” feature allows the laboratory to restart a new lab class for more than 20 students within 5 minutes.

    2. Construction Planning

      Provide consultancy on Lab physical layout according to the site environment.

  • Dragon Lab

    The Internet Innovation Union Platform
    The Internet Innovation Union aims to organize and build the open Internet application innovation platform among the universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprises; enable them to cooperate in experimental research and development; sharing R&D, applications, and platform resources to complement each other's advantages.

    In early 2012, the Science and Technology Development Center of Ministry of Education in China held a special meeting for building the platform. The meeting requires who units that want to join the union must submit declaration. A total number of 6447 sets of devices have been declared until now, including high-end switches, servers, routers, storage devices, software, and testers. With effective monitoring of the platform resources, the universities can assemble and modulate the existing platform resources, and establish an individualized experiment operation interface as needed. As union members, the universities can subscribe the devices on the platform and modulate the real devices to cater to specific research and teaching.

    Dragon-Lab Solution Highlights:

    1. Platform Connection Environment

      The Dragon Lab supports CERNET, CERNET2, and other carrier networks, and enables them to interconnect with each other. The CERNET environment and bandwidth of at least 5 Mbps must be provided. The bandwidth can be adjusted according to the scientific research programs.

    2. Connection Components

      The Dragon Lab connection components mainly comprise the DragonLab navigating system (DLN), DragonLab gateway (DLG), Dragon Lab topology connector, and centralized Dragon Lab device controller, which are essential to accessing the Dragon Lab experiment platform.

    3. Device Components

      The Dragon Lab application devices comprise switches, routers, security devices, flow control devices, testers, servers, and storage devices. Universities share devices to form a device resource pool, which can be used by each university for scientific research and experiment purpose.

      Research projects to be carried out by Dragon Lab
      • Internet performance research
      • Network security research
      • Internet advanced technology research
      • Network streaming, network management research
      • Traffic analysis research
      • Next-generation network system research