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Hospitality Vision

Ruijie Hospitality Solution creates new business opportunities for hotels, resorts and convention centers. This solution assists them to provide the first class service for their guest and becomes more competitive in the market.

Value for Hotel:
  1. Drive new revenue streams
  2. Improve guest loyalty by enhancing guest experience
  3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  4. Hassle-free professional services
  5. Enhance Staff Productivity and Guest Services
Products and Solutions:

  • Ruijie Gigabit Ethernet Switches

    Ruijie Gigabit Ethernet Switches provide a complete end-to-end wired solution for hotel. Its high reliability, QoS, and highly efficient hardware design facilitate various kinds of data, voice and video applications.

  • Ruijie EasyGate Internet Security Gateway

    EasyGate is especially fit for hotel environment, which gathers application recognition, flow control, content audit and URL filtering features in one box.

  • Ruijie i-Share Wireless Solution

    By leveraging the latest Ruijie Intelligent Wireless AP 220E (M), the i-Share Solution is perfectly designed for hotel and hostel environment. Based on its robust hardware design, the i-Share solution can significantly save the number of AP, WLAN controller and licenses, POE switches, power sockets and cabling costs.

  • Ruijie Smart Network Commander

    Smart Network Commander (SNC) is a network management system for all Ruijie and other 3rd party network equipments. With user friendly web-based interface, SNC enables maintenance and topology management through the professional layout. With the SMS Incident Alert feature, SNC can realize round-the-clock proactive IT support and administration.