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Data Center Switch

Ruije Networks has launched the industry’s first 100G platforms – RG-S12000 and RG-S6200. Both platforms are truly designed for the next-generation data center and cloud computing environment. In order to building the solid foundation of cloud computing network, the new platforms can resolve common data center issues such as excessive devices, high cost and handling busy traffic.

  • Integrate SAN and LAN by Unified Switching

    The next-generation data center and cloud computing switches offered by Ruijie Networks provide both FCoE and Ethernet access for servers. Customers can integrate the SAN and LAN networks to realize the truly convergent data center network architecture so as to reduce CAPEX and protect existing investment.

  • Non-blocking 100G Clos Network in Data Center

    Access layer switches supports 1000M/10G access and 10G/40G/100G uplink for constructing a non-blocking access layer data center network. Core layer switches support high-density 40G/100G ports and maximum 48 ports 10G ports per module to ensure no blocking at the core of data center network.

  • Data Center Virtualization Feature

    The virtualization of the entire data center network supports various kinds of applications. Ruijie Networks Data Center Switches support Multi-VRF, Multi-Instance Firewall and multi-forwarding table in a single operating system, and realize security segregation for various applications.

  • Green Energy-Saving Data Center

    Ruijie Networks Data Center switches adopt the energy-saving design: Intelligent power management; Intelligent heat dissipation system; Low power consumption (up to 30% power saving with 2X performance compared to competitors); Optimized air vent structure (first product in the industry that meets data center industry design requirements).

Product Series:

RG-S12000 series

Supporting Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links (TRILL) and make the foundation for virtualized cloud computing
To scale for both vertical and horizontal data center traffic and match up with the huge traffic flow of next-generation data center.

RG-S6200 series

First product in the industry that supports 1U height, 48 10G ports and expansion module for 40G and FC ports.
Ability to provide both FCoE and Ethernet access to realize the convergence of data center networks.