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About Dynamicode

DynamiCode is a world leader in strong authentication and secure mobile POS solutions. Our innovative and award-winning solution is widely adopted by Government agents and major blue chip companies in the Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications, High Technology, Energy & Utilities, Automotive, Consumer, Transportation & Logistics and Manufacturing sectors. We protect more than 40 millions users, trillions dollars of assets and sensitive information every day. Our customers rely on us whether they are doing ebanking, transacting online, communicating, accessing cloud services, verifying identities and protecting asset.

Our experts in our world class research and development centre push the boundaries of technology to secure the world. Their expertise and innovation has driven the development of many of the industry’s cutting edge product. And our entire development and production process is complied with worldwide industry standard.

More information: http://www.dynamicode.com.cn/English/index.asp