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Our high-performance, powerful security information and event management (SIEM) brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensible compliance reporting. At the core of our SIEM offering, Enterprise Security Manager consolidates, correlates, assesses, and prioritizes security events for both third-party and McAfee solutions. As part of the Security Connected framework, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager tightly integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software, McAfee Risk Advisor, and Global Threat Intelligence — delivering the context required for autonomous and adaptive security risk management.

  • Enterprise Security Manager

    Effective security starts with real-time visibility into all activity on all systems, networks, databases, and applications. McAfee Enterprise Security Manager enables your business with true, real-time situational awareness and the speed and scale required to identify critical threats, respond intelligently, and ensure continuous compliance monitoring. Security teams now have access to real-time, risk relevant information to obtain a stronger security posture while shortening response time.

    Features & Benefits:

    Monitor one complete picture of security activity
    Use one environment to consolidate, correlate, and report on security information from heterogeneous devices at lightning speed.

    Manage evolving threats with confidence
    Integrate McAfee Global Threat Intelligence services and McAfee Risk Advisor with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager for a prioritized view of events, assets, and countermeasures.

    Know how network and security events correlate to real business processes and policies
    Provide contextual information (vulnerability scanners, identity, authentication management systems, privacy solutions, or other supported systems) to enrich each event with context, allowing for a better understanding of how network and security events correlate to real business processes and policies.

    Set policies, rules, and thresholds that will generate alerts and launch mitigations
    Drive instant corrective action, such as issuing new configurations, implementing new policies, and deploying software updates.

    Reduce audit effort and expense for multiple regulations
    Consolidate audit and compliance activities for over 240 regulations within a single pane of glass for continuous governance and rapid reporting.

    Collect the data and context you need throughout your enterprise
    Leverage our custom-built database engine and integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software to extend visibility and control across your entire security and compliance management environment.