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Network Security

McAfee Network Security solutions include next-generation firewall security and intrusion prevention, advanced behavior analytics, and sophisticated threat detection engines, all designed to protect your next-generation networks. Our network security framework provides maximum availability, security, integrity, flexibility, and manageability with minimum overhead and risk. With a proven record in network security protection, McAfee is the partner of choice for the most security-conscious companies and governments worldwide.

  • Advanced Threat Defense

    McAfee Advanced Threat Defense detects today’s stealthy, zero-day malware with an innovative, layered approach. It combines low-touch antivirus signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation defenses with in-depth static code and dynamic, malware analysis (sandboxing) to analyze the actual behavior of malware. Combined, this represents the strongest advanced anti-malware technology in the market, and effectively balances the need for both security and performance.

    With the addition of Advanced Threat Defense to the McAfee security portfolio, McAfee addresses the three key requirements to solve today’s advanced malware problem: find, freeze, and fix. Advanced Threat Defense finds advanced malware and integrates with McAfee network security solutions to freeze the threat, while McAfee Real Time initiates a fix or remediation actions.

    Features & Benefits:

    Ensure more accurate threat detection
    Reduce the chances of missed malware or false positives. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense uses advanced static code and dynamic analysis (sandboxing) to provide the most detailed assessment and data on malware classification. Stealthy malware and zero-day threats are packed or obfuscated to evade detection. Advanced Threat Defense employs strong unpacking to break through evasive techniques, enabling thorough analysis and accurate classification. With broad operating system support, threats are analyzed under the same conditions as the actual host profile, so you catch more malware with fewer false alerts.

    Respond to threats faster
    Quickly and seamlessly move from advanced malware analysis and conviction to protection and resolution — a more comprehensive, efficient approach to the malware problem. Down selection — first using a mix of signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation — helps quickly identify a broad range of malware, producing fast detection results and reducing the number of files requiring more thorough sandbox analysis.

    Lower TCO
    Centralized deployment enables multiple McAfee network devices to share the same malware analysis appliance, reducing the number of required appliances, simplifying administration, and cost-effectively scaling security across your network. Advanced Threat Defense can leverage your existing McAfee security solutions, reducing the need for network rearchitecture and minimizing operational costs.

    Leverage a single security vendor with tight product integration
    McAfee offers all essential components to find advanced malware, freeze the threat, and initiate a fix. Offering an end-to-end solution that integrates advanced threat analysis, network products, and endpoint solutions, McAfee provides organization-wide visibility and context for threats, while reducing response time and simplifying remediation.

  • Network Security Platform (IPS)

    McAfee Network Security Platform is a uniquely intelligent security solution that discovers and blocks sophisticated threats in the network. Using advanced threat detection techniques, it moves beyond mere pattern matching to defend against stealthy attacks with extreme accuracy, while its next-generation hardware platform scales to speeds of over 80 Gbps to meet the needs of demanding networks.

    With its Security Connected approach to network security management, Network Security Platform streamlines security operations by combining real-time McAfee Global Threat Intelligence feeds with rich contextual data about users, devices, and applications for fast, accurate response to network-borne attacks.

    Features & Benefits:

    Get intelligent security management
    Reduce the expertise needed and time required to monitor and investigate security events, while simplifying the administration of large and complex deployments. Progressive disclosure delivers the right information when and where you need it through guided drill downs, while hierarchal management scales for the largest deployments.

    Attain unparalleled threat protection
    Unparalleled threat prevention is born from an ultra efficient vulnerability-based signature engine that is transformed into next-generation platform by integrating cutting-edge behavioral analysis and multi-event correlation. The low-touch signature defenses keep operation costs low, efficiently defending against known threats, while the advanced behavioral analysis and event correlation protects against next-generation and zero-day threats.

    Leverage global malware protection
    Get comprehensive malware coverage by intelligently directing a portfolio of antimalware defenses. Confidently reduce malware security holes, with more defenses than any other vendor, against this newest and deadliest network security attack vector.

    Use our Security Connected framework
    Improve network security posture, optimizes network security for greater cost effectiveness, and aligns network security strategically with business initiatives. Security Connected is McAfee’s integrated approach to network security that seamlessly incorporates data and workflows from other security products.

    Attain performance and scalability
    Get reliable performance so the best security is available under the heaviest loads, as the network grows, or even if segments of the network fail. Achieve high-performance, multi-gigabit throughput even when next-generation features, enabled with stateful fail-over, are available.

    Gain visibility and control
    Get user and device intelligence that seamlessly integrates into controls, analysis, and reporting in deep applications. This deep visibility uncovers suspicious anomalies that cannot be seen in aggregate, allowing more flexibility to align control policies to the needs of the organization.

  • Next Generation Firewall

    Unified and flexible network security for every enterprise environment. McAfee Next Generation Firewall integrates visionary security features with high availability and manageability, delivering advanced network protection across your entire enterprise — from corporate headquarters and branch sites to data centers and the network edge.

    McAfee Next Generation Firewall integrates application control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and evasion prevention into a single, affordable solution. It is the only next-generation firewall solution to unite anti-evasion security with enterprise-scale availability and manageability. In addition, our unique solution can change its capabilities from a next-generation firewall to a L2 firewall, IPS, and firewall/VPN, allowing you to deploy security where, when, and how you need it to maximize your return on investment.

    Features & Benefits:

    Deploy security as you need it
    Choose from software, physical, and virtual appliances to match every budget and network architecture. IPv6 support is also available. McAfee Next Generation Firewall allows you to pick and choose these roles on the same platform: Next Generation Firewall, Evasion Prevention System (EPS), IPS, Layer 2 firewall, and firewall/VPN, with just a change in license keys.

    Maintain high availability
    High availability is at the core of the McAfee Next Generation Firewall. Native active-active clustering and load balancing of up to 16 appliances, running different models and software versions within the same cluster, provides scalability and high availability in demanding data center environments and situations where processing-intensive security applications, such as deep inspection or VPNs, require more performance.

    User application controls to manage network usage
    Define fine-grained application usage policies based on user or user group, traffic type, target or source IP address, interface or domain name, time, and day of the week to better manage your network bandwidth and enforce appropriate usage policies.

    Block advanced anti-evasion techniques (AETs)
    Defend against sophisticated anti-evasion techniques, typically used by well-resourced, motivated attackers to obtain access into protected networks and launch advanced persistent threats. Always up to date, this layer of protection is critical to stop emerging network-based attacks that can bypass most security solutions by distributing payloads across multiple protocols.

    Manage more with less
    Use a single, powerful, and highly scalable management console for expanded visibility into your entire network. Centralized management helps reduce operational costs and eliminate chaos by unifying control of network security devices in the data center, at remote sites, and throughout the corporate infrastructure.