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Mobile Security

Mobile Security from McAfee offers protection against mobile data loss and threats that target smartphones and tablets. McAfee mobile device management helps reduce the risks from lost or stolen devices, such as corporate data loss, unauthorized access, and business data leakage from employee-owned devices. We support a full array of mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

  • Mobile Device Management

    With data and device protection for today’s most popular mobile devices, including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android, McAfee provides a complete and scalable security solution that embraces device diversity. Enterprises can offer employees mobile device choice, while delivering secure and easy access to mobile corporate data.

    McAfee EMM delivers confidence that users, data, apps, and devices are secure:

    • Enforce the use of VirusScan Mobile Security for Android and block devices with malware to protect the network from malicious software.
    • Ensure apps are secure with mobile app reputation.
    • Block devices that have malware, are jailbroken or rooted, or have blacklisted apps.
    • Enforce authentication and encryption.
    • Network connectivity management, including certificate-based two-factor authentication for VPN and Wi-Fi on iOS devices.
    • Mobile threat events alert administrators to devices that are jailbroken or rooted, or have malware, potentially malicious apps, or blacklisted apps for enhanced situational awareness.
    • Pre-authorization of users.
    • Remote locking, wiping corporate data, or full wiping of devices that are lost or stolen.
    • Secure Container for Android provides encrypted storage and restricts cut and paste of data, keeping it out of unsecured areas.

    McAfee EMM helps you to embrace BYOD by providing security, while enabling the native experience that users demand.

    • Users can enjoy the native email on iOS but IT can govern which apps can be used to open corporate email attachments and block the copying, forwarding, or replying to corporate email using other apps.
    • Risky Android devices can be secured centrally via managed anti-malware, app reputation, and a Secure Container for encrypted email, contacts, and calendar, secure document viewing, and cut and paste restrictions.
    • Remote wipe of only corporate data can be executed for iOS and Android devices leaving personal data untouched.
    • Easy, over-the-air provisioning and policy distribution.
    • Support for the most-used consumer devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

    Single Pane of Glass for Mobile and Endpoint Management and Security
    McAfee EMM requires just one console to manage and secure PCs, laptops, servers, and mobile devices.

    • Now, McAfee ePO software can be used to manage iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices right alongside traditional endpoints, giving IT security, administration, and helpdesk staff a familiar console to secure and manage users regardless of the type of device.
    • McAfee EMM is included in the McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection suites, easing budget concerns as IT departments seek to enable mobility in the workforce.
    • Granular mobile policy options, including by user, group, device, and operating system.
    • Mobile dashboards and actionable reports and alerts can be rolled up with events from the broader endpoint inventory for enhanced situational awareness and remediation.
    • McAfee EMM provides for the distribution of commercial and enterprise apps for iOS and Android devices.
    • End-user notifications tell users how to remediate compliance events, reducing IT helpdesk calls.
    • Secure Container for Android provides a single email client across a range of devices to make the helpdesk job easier.

  • Anti-Malware Protection

    McAfee provides proven anti-malware protection for Android mobile devices. Architected specifically for mobile device platforms, McAfee VirusScan Mobile guards against known and unknown virus and malware threats.

    Features & Benefits:

    Detect threats in real time
    Block malware in email, text messages, and attachments without any noticeable delay. McAfee VirusScan Mobile scans for a range of malicious threats in less than 200 milliseconds, providing automatic and comprehensive protection for smartphones.

    Safeguard your corporate assets
    Keep confidential corporate and customer information safe. Trust VirusScan Mobile to protect your mobile devices from viruses, worms, dialers, Trojans, and other malicious code that can cause the loss of vital data.

    Minimize employee downtime
    Secure corporate smartphones to avoid disruptions in mobile service and business communications, so employees stay productive. When malware is detected, it is blocked and cleaned without slowing down mobile operations.

    Get automatic security updates
    Keep users safe from current and emerging threats with scheduled mobile device signature updates, delivered wirelessly from the global security team at McAfee Labs. You’ll be notified about unprotected devices if a signature or policy update fails, and you’ll receive alerts if a device becomes infected with new malware.

    Stay agile and compliant
    Comply with government and industry legislation requiring enterprises to protect sensitive data. Designed specifically for mobile devices to run with minimal system resources, VirusScan Mobile is unmatched in ease of use, low power consumption, and rapid file scanning. Our scan engine runs at the appropriate priority to respect more critical tasks, such as phone calls, emails, and web browsing.