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XenApp: Virtual application delivery to mobilize your business
Citrix XenApp is the industry-leading solution for virtual application delivery, providing Windows apps as secure mobile services. With XenApp, IT can mobilize the business while reducing costs by centralizing control and security. With HDX technologies, XenApp gives users a native touch-enabled look-and-feel that is optimized for the type of device, as well as the network.

Optimize employee productivity and user experience with Windows apps on demand
XenApp empowers employees by mobilizing five generations of Windows virtual apps for use on any device. Increase business continuity by cutting transaction times of client/server applications by as much as 300% and hosting desktop infrastructure in redundant datacenters, enabling immediate return.

Streamline IT support of BYO devices
IT can meet the growing demand for bring-your-own (BYO) initiatives by delivering apps and desktops as an on-demand service, provisioned in real time rather than the hours of labour required to prepare traditional hardware. Executives and employees who want to use their personal devices for work are given the freedom to do so, resulting in increased satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and recruiting.

Reduce risk of data loss while securing corporate access
Centralize applications in the datacenter to protect intellectual property and sensitive, private information. Eliminate unnecessary VPN holes and reduce the risk of data loss or intrusion through unsecured connections by leveraging a granular access policy enforcement.

Decrease application management cost and complexity
Reduce application management costs by as much as 90% by streamlining application deployment and lifecycle management. Eliminate capital expenditures for seasonal workloads or unexpected demand for capacity by deploying in the cloud.

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